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The Moscow City Golf Club
1, Dovzhenko str., Moscow, 119590, Russia
The Moscow City Golf Club (MCGC) was founded on 15 September 1987 by a well-known Swedish hockey-player, ex-world champion Sven Johansson, known as Sven Tumba. The Club is conveniently located - it is situated not far from the centre of Moscow.
Every season thousands of golf fans gather here. The club has a fascinating atmosphere. that promotes playing, recreating and communicating, that makes the club a place where prosperous businessmen and golf professionals meet, their friends and members of their families.
The golf-architect managed to design a real golf-course on a reserved space among a some-time deserted wastelands in the flood-lands of the river Setun', the tributary of the Moscow river.
Six of the nine holes are par-4 and three holes are par-3. The total playing distance is 2,343 meters. Though the length of the course is moderate, the course is not easy for playing. The narrow fairways and the greens limited in size requires precise shots. There are 23 bunkers on the course (fairway and green-side ones). Front and lateral water hazards makes the game even more challenging at times.
If the pace of the play and the mood of the player make it possible, one can enjoy the scenery in the neighborhood with modern-built memorials of the World War II Victory Park and the ancient building of the well-known cathedral in Troitse-Golenistchevo.

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1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012.
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