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General Terms and Conditions

The Visa-Futuregroup offer is open for participation to all Visa credit and debit cards issued in India. To qualify for the privileges, all payments must be made in full with a valid Visa (credit or debit) card issued in India during the validity period only.
Offer valid on select Super Saver Combo’s only.
Offer valid from 1st of every month to 8th of every month only.
Subject to the terms and conditions, the validity period for the offer is 1 July 2011 to 8 June 2012.
However, Visa reserves the right to cancel, suspend or amend the Visa-Futuregroup offer without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and without any liability on the part of Visa in relation to any such cancellation, suspension or amendment.
Visa cardholders are not bound in any manner to participate in the Visa-Futuregroup offer. Any participation shall be voluntary and all participants understand, acknowledge and agree that all the offers made under the Visa-Futuregroup offer are purely on a best effort basis.
Visa makes no guarantee or warranty that any of the benefits or privileges under the Visa-Futuregroup offer will be fulfilled. Accordingly, customers shall not make any claim or seek compensation against Visa in relation to any loss, damage, expense suffered in relation to non fulfilment of any benefits or privileges under the Visa-Futuregroup offer for any reason whatsoever.
Each benefit/privilege under the Visa-Futuregroup offer may be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant merchant. Customers are solely responsible for checking and complying with such terms and conditions in addition to those stated in these terms and conditions.
The Visa-Futuregroup offer, and these terms and conditions, shall be governed by the laws of India and any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Visa-Futuregroup and/or these terms and conditions shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

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