Registry of Service Providers  
  Welcome to the Registry of Service Providers (“Registry”).

The Registry has been updated as of 15 September 2012.

The Registry contains information of service providers that have registered with Visa in Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. Please note that Visa does not in any way endorse the service providers or their business processes or practices. Visa did not perform any due diligence on these service providers as part of the registration process. Information on the Registry is as represented to Visa by the service providers.

For the global list of PCI DSS compliant service providers, please visit and for service providers registered with Visa Europe, please click here.

  16/1, "WINGS", 2nd Floor,
Cambridge Road, Halasuru,
Bangalore, Karnataka,
Pin-- 560008

- India
- Sri Lanka
- Qatar
- Australia
- Indonesia

Mr Govind Setlur
Tel: +91 1408 234 2834

- Payment Processing-POS*
- Payment Processing-Internet*
- Payment Gateway/Switch*
- 3-D Secure Hosting Provider*
- Prepaid Services*

* Services in scope of PCI DSS onsite review

1. AIS Program (PCI DSS) 1, 2
    Last validation renewal date:
    31 December 2011
    Qualified Security Assessor:
  Level 29, Menara KH,
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur 50250

- Australia
- China
- Cambodia
- Malaysia
- Indonesia
- Philippines
- Laos
- Vietnam
- Thailand

Mr Yong Sin Yoon
Chief Information Security Officer
Tel: +601 2382 5337

- eProtea Finexus

- Payment Processing-POS*
- Issuer Processing*
- Hosting*
- Payment Gateway/Switch*
- 3-D Secure Hosting Provider*
- Payment Processing-MOTO*
- Clearing and Settlement*
- Authorization*

* Services in scope of PCI DSS onsite review

1. AIS Program (PCI DSS) 1, 2
    Last validation renewal date:
    31 March 2012
    Qualified Security Assessor:
  Setiabudi 2 Building,
3rd Floor, Suite #302-305
Jalan HR Rasuna Said 62 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12920

- Indonesia

Mr Tu Yan Ting
Managing Director
Tel: +62 212 991 5699

- Kartuku

- Data warehousing/capture
- Merchant solicitation and sales
- Merchant training
- Customer service to Merchants
- POS terminal deployment/maintenance
- Payment Processing-POS*
- Network Provider/Transmitter*
- Switching*
- Merchant Services*
- Others: EDC/POS Service and Rental*

* Services in scope of PCI DSS onsite review

1. AIS Program (PCI DSS) 1, 2
    Last validation renewal date:
    31 December 2011
    Qualified Security Assessor:
    ControlCase India

Visa did not review the Report on Compliance issued by the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

The reviews are valid for one year, with the next annual attestation due to Visa one year from the "VALIDATION RENEWAL DATE". Attestations that are from 1-60 days overdue are highlighted in Yellow and attestations that are from 61-90 days overdue are highlighted in Red. Service providers with attestations over 90 days past due are removed from this list. It is the responsibility of each Visa issuer or acquirer to use compliant service providers and to follow up with service providers if there are any questions about their compliance status.

2 Please note that the reviews represent only a "snapshot" of security in place at the time of the review, and do not guarantee that those security controls remain in place after the review is complete. These reviews did not cover proprietary software solutions that may be used or sold by these service providers.

3 Approved Card Vendors in “Warning” mode are highlighted in Yellow. This means that the vendors failed to correct non-compliance issues within 30 days from the issuance of the warning letter by Visa. These vendors are required to notify their clients of their remediation status.


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