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Risk Management

Travellers Cheques
Accepting Visa Travellers Cheques

Check the Visa Travellers Cheque(s) for the following security features: 

If you are in possession of cheques and suspect they may be fraudulent, call Visa's free cheque verification service which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our toll-free numbers are listed under " International Toll Free Assistance ".  Alternatively, visit
If the Visa Travellers Cheques bear the name of Citicorp, contact the company directly at 1 800 645 6556 (toll free), call collect to 1 813 623 1709 or send an email to

Acceptance and verification

For your protection, follow these five simple steps when accepting Visa Travellers Cheques. 

Do not accept Visa Travellers Cheques from a third party that is unknown to you and if you have no recourse against that party.  Do not accept Visa Travellers Cheques that have been sent to you unsolicited or from an unknown source via mail or courier. Report their receipt immediately to the police.
If you require brochures on acceptance guidelines, please send an email to

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Email Fraud

  • Stay safe and minimize your exposure to theft and scams by familiarizing yourself with email security tips.
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