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Risk Management

Merchant Education

A wide range of educational materials on risk management, including training kits, videos and brochures, is available for Visa merchants.  Kindly contact your acquiring bank to place your orders.

Combating card fraud - A merchant training video

Format: Video and VCD 
Language: Video in English only, VCD in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia
Cost: TBA
This 10-minute video is produced to help merchants understand the issues relating to credit card fraud and what they can do to stop fraud and prevent it. It reviews card acceptance procedures, card security features, and educates merchants about skimming, how it works, and what the skimming devices look like. It encourages employees to report any unusual activity to their security department or processing center.

"Protect your business against card skimming and fraud" brochure

Format: Brochure 
Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia
Cost: US$50 per 100 copies
This brochure is produced to assist the management of all merchant establishments in preventing card skimming from taking place at their business locations.

Generic card authenticator specimen and retractable string holders

Format: Card authenticator 
Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia
Cost: US$60 per 100 copies
These card authenticators are generic specimen credit cards used to train merchants and bank staff to identify the security features of genuine Visa credit cards. These are particularly useful when compared against a card that has been presented to check the authenticity of the card.

"CPP investigations best practices" leaflet

Format: Leaflet 
Language: English
Cost: US$1 per copy
This leaflet provides a brief version of the more thorough "Member CPP Investigations Guide" (below). This quick guide serves as a quick reference on what issuers and acquirers should do to mitigate the effects of skimming and skimming counterfeit.

Look out! Magnetic stripe data capture devices

Format: Poster size 
Language: English and Bahasa Indonesia
Cost: US$20 per dozen pieces
This poster provides information on the types of skimming devices available in the market. Tips on the "Dos" and "Don'ts" of what to do with these equipment when seized are also provided.

Be alert! Check for signs of suspicious behavior

Format: A4 Size Flyer 
Language: English
Cost: US$20 per 100 pieces
This poster provides a check list to merchants to be alert customers who display signs of suspicious behavior who may be potential credit card fraudsters.

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