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Visa Mini

The Visa Mini card is a miniaturized version of the Visa card.   It is about 43 percent smaller than a standard sized card, has a fully encoded magnetic stripe and can be used at Visa point-of-sale (POS) terminals with swipe readers. Visa merchants can accept Visa Mini cards without the need to change their terminals.

The Visa Mini card has a perforated hole on the lower left corner of the card to allow it to be attachable to a key chain, mobile or any carry-along device. It can be issued as a stand-alone or as a companion card to a standard sized Visa card. It bears the same security features as the standard-sized card and a signature panel with the three-digit CVV2 value. 
Due to the small size, Visa Mini cannot be used at terminals which require the card to be inserted rather than swiped, i.e., most ATMs, certain automated fuel dispensers at gas stations and “dip” terminals. It cannot be manually imprinted (used in a zip zap machine).

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The Visa Mini

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