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Verified By Visa

Verified by Visa for Other Channels

As mobile technology transforms communication and business, Visa has been playing an important role in developing standards and technologies to promote mobile commerce, including standards for proximity payment devices and specifications for remote payments.

As 3-D Secure is designed to work across a wide range of payment channels, including personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile phones, Verified by Visa can be extended to mobile payments. 
Through these advances, Visa member financial institutions and merchants will be able to offer Visa cardholders the ability to use mobile devices to securely purchase products and services.
This is a key element in Visa’s vision of universal commerce, the ability to offer consumers access to a broad range of services and products using Visa anytime, anywhere, through any device of their choice.
Click here to learn more about Visa Mobile.

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e-Commerce Merchants’ Guide to Risk Management

  • Tools and best practices for online merchants. (pdf | 304kb)

Account Information Security (AIS) Program

  • AIS is a risk management program sponsored by Visa and run by its member banks.

ESDlife Services Hong Kong – Case Study

  • ESDlife is an award-winning bilingual portal that has pioneered the provision of public and commercial services in Hong Kong. Find out more about ESDlife’s participation in Verified by Visa.
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