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Verified By Visa

Increase e-Commerce Profitability

Accepting payments over the Internet can provide many opportunities for your business, but may also present some challenges. These challenges commonly include cardholder’s concerns regarding the security of online shopping, as well as higher levels of fraud and operating expenses associated with processing cardholder disputes.

Summary of benefits for your business


  • Guaranteed payment
  • Reduced fraud
  • Reduced operating expenses associated with customer service and dispute processing
  • Increased sales by enhancing consumer confidence in online purchasing
  • Ease of integration into your legacy systems - only a Merchant Plug-In is required
 Find out more about the key benefits Verified by Visa provides for your business

Summary of benefits for your customers


  • Increased confidence to make purchases at your website
  • Ease of use
  • Greater control over the use of their Visa card
  • Just like using their PIN number at an ATM
 Find out more about the key benefits Verified by Visa provides for your customers

  • Printable Page

e-Commerce Merchants’ Guide to Risk Management

  • Tools and best practices for online merchants. (pdf | 304kb)

Account Information Security (AIS) Program

  • AIS is a risk management program sponsored by Visa and run by its member banks.

ESDlife Services Hong Kong – Case Study

  • ESDlife is an award-winning bilingual portal that has pioneered the provision of public and commercial services in Hong Kong. Find out more about ESDlife’s participation in Verified by Visa.
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