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    Sponsorships and Partnerships Fighting Internet Child Abuse

Fighting Internet Child Abuse

“As Internet use grows, so do the risks of children being exposed to inappropriate material, in particular, criminal activity by pedophiles and child pornographers. While the benefits of the Internet far outweigh its potential drawbacks, these dangers cannot be ignored. If left unanswered they pose a threat to children and will become the object of resistance to future Internet use.” 
 UNESCO declaration (19 January 1999)

What is Visa doing about Internet child abuse?

In 2001, when Visa became aware that its products were being accepted at internet merchants trading in child abuse, it notified its member financial institutions worldwide that it would not allow Visa products to be used to pay for child abuse. 
Visa takes an active role in detecting and reducing trading in child abuse and has put in place a program to eradicate such activity from its payment network, including:

Monitoring the internet to identify child abuse sites. 
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Stopping internet child abuse transactions within the Visa system. 
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Working with law enforcement agencies to act against purveyors of child abuse. 
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What can I do to help stop child abuse?

If you come across a website that you believe is utilizing Visa products to provide payment services for child abuse materials, click here to report this website.

Where can I find more information about the fight against child abuse?

 Click here for a list of news articles. 
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