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Payment Solutions

Visa Distribution

Designed for companies in the wholesale and distribution industries, the Visa Distribution Program is an excellent way to streamline the accounts receivable process, reduce paperwork, and save money.
The Visa Distribution Program is a solution for distributors seeking to reduce costs associated with cash/check handling and the accounts receivable process, streamline the labor-intensive invoicing, reconciliation, and collections tasks and maximize business efficiency and profitability.
How you can benefit from using the Visa Distribution Program:

Less paperwork

The Visa Distribution Program streamlines the inefficiencies associated with traditional time-intensive sales requisition and accounts receivable processes. Your employees will be able to focus on strategic value-added activities and spend less time generating invoices, monitoring and reconciling accounts, and collecting payment from your customers.

Cost savings

You’ll be able to reduce the administrative and operational costs associated with cash/check handling and the accounts receivable process.

Better cash flow, less risk

Designed specifically to expedite collection of customer payments, the program allows you to improve cash flow and reduce the risks associated with cash and check transactions.

Improve customer loyalty

You’ll be able to market your own “branded” Visa Distribution Program to your customers, providing them with greater purchasing power and a payment option that is safer and more convenient than paying by cash. At the same time, the program offers you an opportunity to build loyalty and strengthen your business relationships with your customers.

Worldwide acceptance

Visa is one of the world’s leading payment brands and one of the largest payment systems worldwide.  The Visa Distribution Program has been implemented throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 
Contact your financial institution about the Visa Distribution Program today.

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Information Management Solutions for SMEs

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