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Enhanced Data Services

Designed to support Visa Commercial Solutions, Visa's Enhanced Data Services enable access to consolidated management data, along with transaction details, to more effectively manage and control your company spending.

Visa's Enhanced Data Services is a solution for organizations currently using or planning to use Visa Commercial Solutions to manage company spending; corporate travel managers who want detailed transaction data to better manage, automate, and report travel-related expenditures and corporate procurement managers and other managers who want detailed transaction data to closely monitor purchasing expenditures. 
How your organization can benefit from Visa's Enhanced Data Services:

Three levels of enhanced data

Depending on your requirements, choose the level of information that best fits your needs: 

  • Level I - Provides standard financial information present in all card transactions, i.e., merchant name, location, amount of sale, and date of sale.
  • Level II - Provides summary level tax information (sales/VAT) and customer reference (accounting) codes. Additional purchase information may be provided for certain industry sectors such as airlines, car rentals, and hotels.
  • Level III - Provides the most comprehensive data available from Visa, with summary information and full line item detail.

More effective vendor management

You’ll have greater ability to identify and validate costs, allowing you to more effectively manage your vendor and supplier relationships.

Greater travel and procurement policy compliance

Detailed purchase information and line item descriptions allow you to better audit employee travel and procurement policy compliance.

Automated expense reporting

Visa's Enhanced Data Services can be used in conjunction with your management software to automate employee expense reporting and reconciliation.

Improved reporting and analysis

Using Visa's reporting solutions; you can create reports with greater detail than ever before. Financial managers can analyze spending to improve overall efficiency of critical business processes, such as accounting, tax compliance, policy control, and cost/supplier management.

Reduced administrative costs

Visa's Enhanced Data Services lets you streamline the information gathering process, allowing you to increase efficiencies and save time and money.

Cross-platform interoperability

The Visa Extensible Markup Language (XML) Invoice Specifications and Reporting Specifications provide a cross-industry, interoperable message format to enable processing of enhanced data across regions and industry sectors.

For more information, contact your financial institution today.

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