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Visa Information Source

Designed as a support tool for Visa Commercial Solutions, Visa Information Source provides a low-cost, web-based platform for controlling, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing your company’s travel, entertainment, and procurement expenditures.   
Visa Information Source is a solution for organizations currently using or planning to use Visa Commercial Solutions to manage company spending. For mid-size companies and small businesses that want an easy and efficient way to track, analyze, and manage travel and procurement expenditures, and for companies seeking an affordable, low-maintenance tool for data management.
How your organization can benefit from Visa Information Source:

Improved management reporting

Select from 20 standard reports to analyze and manage your expenses and suppliers more effectively. Choose from spending analysis reports, travel management reports, and more.

Cost savings

Visa Information Source streamlines the reporting process, reduces your administrative expenses, and gives you improved tracking of your company’s expenditures. You can analyze your company’s spending with key suppliers and use that information to negotiate better pricing or consolidate spending.

Easy-to-use, web-based tools

This user-friendly, web-based system gives you secure access to your payment transactions and makes it easy to analyze your spending and create and view reports online.

Automatic reporting

Easy-to-read reports can be generated on a pre-determined schedule and e-mailed to key members of your organization on a regular basis.

Employee travel and expense compliance

Visa Information Source gives you the ability to monitor employee travel and expense compliance, allowing you to better control expenditures. 
For more information, contact your financial institution today.

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