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Information Management Solutions

Data Integration

In addition to providing a complete range of convenient payment solutions designed to integrate into front-end procurement and payable processes and systems, Visa expedites delivery of enhanced spending data on your purchases through standard file formats or through Visa reporting tools such as Visa Information Source.

Data can then be integrated into your back-office expense reporting software, general ledger or other financial systems. After the enriched data such as Level III, airline itinerary, hotel folio, and purchasing data is collected, it can be transmitted through the Visa Commercial Format (VCF) or other widely used formats to meet business requirements. 
Visa supports a variety of communication methods to transport data to the specified end-point, either directly to companies, Member financial institutions, or their processors. There’s no need to input data manually, so you save time and streamline your reconciliation and accounting processes.
For more information, contact your Visa Member financial institution

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