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Visa Card Travel Tips

Visa is accepted in over 24 million locations and has a network of over a million ATM machines in 170 countries worldwide, helping travelers to greatly reduce the amount of cash brought when abroad and thus minimize the risk of stolen or lost cash, bringing enormous flexibility and security to them. Also, payment cards help them to manage their expenses by providing financial flexibility and recording a detailed list of their purchases.

Visa’s reminders fortravelers:

  • Visa cards are widely accepted globally and provide unlimited convenience to travelers. Ensure you bring your Visa cards when abroad to save your hassles from exchanging foreign currency in advance, during your trip or even after trip when your time is precious. Moreover, travelers need not to be bothered by fluctuating currency rates
  • Travel with one Visa card or one ATM card with a “plus” sign. Also memorize the PIN. Visa has over a million ATM machines with “Visa” or “Visa plus” logo or with both logos worldwide, letting cardholders to have cash withdrawal anytime.
  • Immediately contact Visa Global Customer Assistance if your Visa card is lost or stolen whilst traveling. Visit the following link for Visa Global Customer Assistance numbers: 
            Numbers of some popular travel destinations are:
              -  China (Northern / Southern): 10800-7440027 / 10800-4400027
              -  Japan: 00531-44-0022
              -  Singapore: 800-4481-250
              -  South Korea: 00-308-44-0050
              -  Taiwan: 0080-1-444-123
             For other destinations, please visit the website
  • Make note of the 24-hour Visa Global Customer Assistance numbers of your travel destination prior to departure, together with your Visa card number, the issuing financial institution of your Visa card, and its customer service hotline number. Bring the note with you, but put it separately from your Visa card.
  • Visa Platinum cardholders can enjoy tailor-made traveling services from our 24 hours Visa Platinum Customer Centre (VPCC). Plan your trip or book restaurants in advance with the help of our services. Toll-free numbers of the VPCC in various destinations can be found at:
  • Cardholders can enquire from the issuing institutions and understand the terms and conditions in using Visa cards abroad. For example the benefits and bonus reward program in foreign countries, definition of cross-border transactions, exchange rate, and service charges, etc. Consider about the program and fee structure of different issuing institutions before choosing your Visa card.
  • Keep your payment cards in sight and ensure to get the card back after every purchase.
  • Use your payment cards only at reputable merchants.
  • Always check your billing statement and sales receipts including the purchase amount when signing. Keep all statements and ATM receipts to check all transactions after trips, even the small ones.
  • Immediately report any suspicious transactions to your card-issuing financial institution.
  • Do not volunteer any personal information when using your ATM card and never disclose your PIN to anyone - no one from a financial institution, the police, or a merchant should ask for your PIN.
  • If your credit card comes with a PIN, memorize the PIN – if it must be written down, keep it separate from wallet or card itself.

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